Academic Programmes

The academic programmes of the Department are:

  • Higher National Diploma in Accountancy.
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) – ICAG Part 1
  • B-Tech in Accounting with Computing in collaboration with Kumasi Technical University.
  • Higher National Diploma in Accounting with Computing in collaboration with Kumasi Technical University.
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting with Computing.
  • Diploma in Computerized Accounting(DCA)
  • Diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting (DBTA)
  • Target Groups for the Programme

    The Department targets the following groups:

  • Matured persons in accounting professions who want to acquire professional qualification in Accountancy.
  • People in both public and private sectors of the economy who would want to upgrade their accounting status to the senior/middle level status.
  • Vocational /technical certificate holders of accounting background.
  • Senior secondary Faculty certificate holders who would want to pursue Accounting.

    Job Opportunities and Academic Progression

    Graduates from our Department have the following job opportunities and academic progression:

  • Self-employment as a result of entrepreneurial skills imparted in students.
  • Employment in Financial Institutions.
  • Employment in the public and the private sectors of the economy.
  • Becoming research fellows.
  • Exemption from levels I & II of ICA (GH)
  • Exemption from levels I of ACCA
  • Graduate/Postgraduate studies with recognised institutions locally/abroad.
  • Service to the Community

    Students provide services to various institutions during their attachment programmes. The Department provides auditing services to businesses in/and around Sunyani and tuition on part-time bases to other Departments like HCIM and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Further, the Department provides business and financial advice for organizations and businesses.