The Department of Visual and Industrial Art has been in existence since the inception of the Technical Institute. It became a Section affiliated to the Department of Building Technology in the year 2006. In 2012, the Section was upgraded to an independent Department due to the systematic growth in programmes and its prospects for the future. Programmes offered included; Painting and Decorating Advance Craft, Craft, Fashion Design and Textiles Advanced. During 2013/2014 academic year two new advanced programmes were added. These were General Textiles and Textile Technician.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department is to offfer theoretical and practical training in Design and Industrial Art Technology to students to enable them acquire the needed skills to set up and own a viable business that fits into the middle and higer level manpower needs of industry.


The objective of the Department is to provide new knowledge and skills development in the application of researchable art techniques and materials for job efficiency in the Design and Industrial Art field.

Future Plans

The Department has presented proposals to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to mount eight programmes B. Tech programmes:

  • B.Tech Fashion
  • B.Tech Ceramics
  • B.Tech Textiles
  • B.Tech Graphic Design
  • B.Tech Painting & Fine Art
  • B.Tech Publishing
  • B. Tech Sculpture
  • B.Tech Integrated Rural Art
  • Service to the Community

    The Department provides the following services.

  • Banner and Poster production
  • Design and produce souvenirs for occasions.
  • Labelling of public places
  • Training of Craftsmen such as fashion articles Designers and Dressmakers’.
  • Screen Printing design.