1.     If you are not on the LOGIN page, click the Click to Register button or visit the University’s website (

and click Student button on the navigation button and choose and click Login.

2.     On the LOGIN page, enter your admission number (for fresh students) or Index number (for continuing students).

If you are continuing student, enter your password and click the Login button.

Fresh students should click the Login button without entering password as shown below:

Description: C:\Users\BEN\Pictures\1.jpg

3.     For Fresh Students Only: Select your Date of Birth and create a new Password as shown below

after clicking on the Login button:

Description: C:\Users\BEN\Pictures\11.jpg

4.     Click Submit for Validation button for the system to check if your date of birth selected matches your

Date of Birth entered during your admission application. If Date of birth did not match, there would be

an error message and you would have to go through the process again until you provide the correct Date of birth.

The message below is displayed if things go right.

Description: C:\Users\BEN\Pictures\112.jpg

5.     Click OK. Enter the Admission number or Index number (For continuing students) and the newly created

password to login in the login page shown in 1 above.

6.     After Login, click the Help button in your Home page to know how to register, check your fee payment account

 records, check results, etc.

7.     Click the Register button in the Home page to register for the semester.