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Deputy Registrar (Research and Publication)

The Research and Publication Officer shall be a Deputy Registrar. He/ She shall under the Registrar perform the following functions:

  • Coordinate journal submission process of the STU Journal including peer review
  • Act as the main point of contact for reviewers and authors, including providing support on online submission as needed
  • Acknowledge new and resubmitted journal articles and check adherence to requirements
  • Liaise with Editorial Board to update on new submissions, and invite suggestions for reviewers
  • Assist in the preparation of documents, briefs, articles, and databases for publication. \
  • Liaise with reviewers and manage peer review process
  • Develop innovate approaches that will support the research activity of the University.
  • Provide visibility for the University to the local and international arena. This will include the maintenance of a comprehensive profile (status) of the research interests of the University faculty and staff, and actively collaborate research capabilities of the University.
  • Create opportunities to enhance the research activity of faculty and staff of the University.
  • Develop funding opportunities, assist teaching staff in developing new research grant proposals, and explore sponsorship options.
  • Identify accredited journals in which staff of the University could be assisted to publish their research findings.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers, government bodies, the community and industry.
  • Provide research development report to the Vice-Chancellor through the Registrar each semester to support decisions in the University.
  • Discharge any other assignment that the Registrar shall deem necessary.

Deputy Registrar (Human Resource)

The Human Resource Officer shall be a Deputy Registrar and shall be the head of the Human Resource Office. He/she shall under the Registrar perform the following functions:

  • lead in the development and implementation of the human resource policies of the University;
  • provide strategic planning with respect to the human resource needs of the University;
  • ensure the timely renewal and termination of employment contracts;
  • ensure that all staff of the University (full time, part -time, national service personnel, NABCO trainees, etc) perform their duties in a congenial atmosphere;
  • ensure the general welfare of staff of the University (Issuing of staff identity cards)
  • institute and maintain a system for monitoring and evaluating the performance of all employees of the University and submit reports thereon to the Vice-Chancellor and the Council through the Registrar;
  • manage and advise on the collective bargaining process and collective agreements with unionised staff;
  • Shall be the Secretary to the Staff Development and Scholarships Committee as well as the Administration Appointments and Promotions Committee.
  • Shall be in-charge of the National Service Scheme (NSS) and Nation Builders Corps NABCO and liaise with these bodies to ensure that personnel that would serve the purposes of the University are posted to the institution.
  • Supervise other Senior Assistant Registrars, Assistant Registrars etc. that the Registrar shall from time to time assign to him or her;
  • institute a system for continuing education and in-service training for all employees of the University; and
  • discharge any other assignment that the Registrar shall deem necessary.

Deputy Registrar (Academic and Admission Affairs)

The Academic Affairs Officer shall be a Deputy Registrar and shall be the head of the Academic Affairs Office. He/she shall under the Registrar perform the following functions:

  • the preparation and implementation of teaching and examination schedules;
  • the processing of admission applications including advertisements with the Public Relations Office for such applications;
  • the allocation of lecture rooms and examination centres as well as other logistical matters relating to the academic agenda of the University;
  • making physical arrangements for all academic functions of the University with the Public Relations Office;
  • the maintenance of academic facilities and the supervision of maintenance employees in conjunction with the Directorate of Works and Physical Development;
  • shall be Secretary to the Academic Affairs Committee.
  • the preparation and issuance of statements of examination results, transcripts and certificates;
  • the preparation and publication of academic materials, including the Handbook of Regulations for courses of study for Junior members in consultation with the Director of Technical University Relations Office;
  • the discharge of any other assignments that the Registrar shall deem necessary.
  • Supervise other Senior Assistant Registrars, Assistant Registrars etc. that the Registrar shall from time to time assign to him or her;
  • The Academic Affairs Officer shall be responsible for coordinating the dealings of the University with all affiliated institutions.

Senior Assistant Registrar (General Administration)

  • Ensures the efficient functioning of utility services e.g. water, electricity, telephone and internet services on campus;
  • Responsible for ensuring that the university complies with the requirements of statutory agents and inspectorates, as well as certification of systems and equipment.
  • Responsible for maintenance of hygiene and ambience of university premises.
  • Liaise with the Academic Affairs and the Human Resource Departments for the collation of students and staff lists, respectively, for periodic students and staff medical screening;
  • Ensures the efficient functioning of office machines and equipment, e.g. photocopiers, printers, scanners, computers, etc.;
  • Preparation of various letters for students
  • Maintenance of Convocation list and serve as Secretary to Convocation;
  • Supervision of the Transport Officer of the University;
  • Preparation of budgets for the Registrar’s office;
  • Serving as Secretary to Statutory Committees as assigned by the Registrar
  • Discharge any assignments that the Registrar shall deem necessary

Senior Assistant Registrar (Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat)

  • Serving as the link between the Registrar’s Offices and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office;
  • Writing of reports/minutes
  • Preparation of Vice-Chancellor’s report to Governing Council, VC’s report to Convocation, VC’s report to Congregation in collaboration with the Planning Officer, VC’s report on Matriculation ceremonies in collaboration with the PRO.
  • Preparation of quarterly reports on Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat
  • Secretary to the STU Annual Report Committee
  • Providing Secretarial services to the Executive Committee
  • See to the maintenance of equipment at the VC’s Office and Secretariat
  • Attending to all correspondence
  • Secretary to Management Committee
  • Receiving visitors
  • Any other duty assigned by the Vice-Chancellor or the Registrar

Transport Officer

The Transport Officer shall, through the Senior Assistant in-charge of General Administration, report to the Registrar and shall perform the following functions;

  • Overall management of the institution’s fleet of vehicles, their repairs maintenance and servicing
  • Preparation of allocation schedule and allocation of vehicles to drivers to ensure smooth operations.
  • Controlling and monitoring the movements of vehicles.
  • Assigning duties to drivers, and supervising their operations.
  • Ensuring that all drivers know road traffic and international rules and regulations governing driving.
  • Drawing up programmes for training of drivers.
  • Conducting appropriate appraisal of drivers.
  • Ensuring that all vehicles have the necessary equipment, fuel and lubricants through timely requisition.
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are roadworthy through scheduled regular servicing or maintenance.
  • Ensuring that fuel purchased is entered into the log books by drivers.
  • Ensuring that insurance covering vehicles is promptly renewed.
  • Seeking appropriate approval before authorizing vehicles going outside Sunyani.
  • Ensuring that all vehicles have valid documentation
  • Ensuring that drivers use the log books
  • Preparing and following a daily vehicle inspection programme to detect faults and damage to the fleet
  • Investigating and preparing reports on (minor and major) vehicle accidents and misuse
  • Making recommendations for discipline of drivers to the Transport committee
  • Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor through the Registrar on monthly basis on all aspects of fleet management and copy the Transport Committee.

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